Updated 14 August 2009


You can reach all the pages of the ANTAS web site by clicking on one of the items on the list at the left of each page. If you want to review the whole site, then try clicking on each of them in turn. A few of the pages that you reach will access other pages at a lower level but, as far as possible, we have tried to avoid making our site too labyrinthine!

The ANTAS website has been built for you, the members of ANTAS, as well as for prospective member societies.  Please:

  • mention our website to your members in your own newsletter.

  • tell us how you think it could be improved.

  • tell us about any news, such as the issue of new Government guidance etc, that you think should feature on our News page.

  • send us any articles or information that you think would be valuable to other ANTAS member organisations.

  • tell us about any links to other websites that you think we should include on our Links page.

Our web and e-mail addresses

Our official web address is now the shorter and more easily remembered This is actually a forwarding address and your browser will show the address of the web site to which you are automatically transferred where our web pages actually reside, which is  If you want to tell somebody else the address of a particular page, you should use, say,

Our e-mail address is  For the full list of contact options, including registration so that you receive occasional e-mails from us, view the Contact us page.

If you have difficulty finding this website again, type "antas" into Google and we come out at the top of the list!